ARTICLE 1.- NAME: The name of this organization is INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF FORENSIC INVESTIGATORS, known from this point forward as IAFI in the body of this document.


ARTICLE 2. – IAFI ADDRESS: IAFI is a Limited Liability Company based in the State of Texas with a mailing address at PO BOX 5042, EL PASO, TX. 79953, when IAFI holds its annual meeting the Host City will be considered as temporary headquarters for IAFI. Only FOUNDING MEMBERS may change IAFI´s headquarters. 


ARTICLE 3.- OBJECTIVES: IAFI´s objectives are to promote professionalism, integrity and competence in the actions of its members and their activities associated with IAFI; to promote education and research in forensic science; to encourage study, better practices, elevate standards and promote advancement in forensic sciences; to promote interdisciplinary communication; and to plan, organize and hold meetings, write reports and other projects to stimulate and advance in these objectives.

ARTICLE 4. – MEMBERS: IAFI´s members may be employed by government agencies or be in private practice, they may also be students in the field of forensic science or similar careers. There will be four classes of membership within IAFI.   





I.- FOUNDING MEMBERS: Members who founded the Academy, are active in the field of forensic science, either by applying their knowledge or training future professionals, they are required to share their work, experience and findings, the IAFI´s Objectives and forensic science in general.   

II.- HONORARY MEMBERS: Members who through knowledge have made significant contributions in the field of Forensic Science. They will be sponsored by the Board of Directors and will be invited to join. They require unanimous approval by the Board and Founding Members. This distinction will be available to only 5 (FIVE) recipients per year and their induction will be voted at IAFI´s Annual Meeting.   

III.- PROFESSIONAL MEMBERS: Members who have received their degree in Forensic Science or related fields and have passed the IAFI´s professional general knowledge exam with a minimum grade of 80%, PGKE will be conducted at IAFI events. Members shall have a minimum of 2 years of experience, unless they are joining at the probationary level.

PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Membership will be available only to people possessing professionalism, integrity, capacity and morals, who:

A) Are active in the field of forensic science and have made an important contribution to the literary field in forensic science, or; 

B) Have contributed in other advancements in the field of forensic science and;  

C) Possess a Bachelors or Post Graduate Degree from a domestic or foreign accredited academic institution.  

D) Are Active or retired Experienced Law Enforcement Members in areas related to Crime Scene Investigation, Criminal Profiling and / or Criminal Investigation, the Board of Directors will review membership applications on a case by case basis.

E) For International Members, degrees from an accredited academic Institution outside the United States will be valid for membership.

Professional Members will be required to take IAFI´s Professional General Knowledge Exam or attend an 80 hour training program in order to be eligible for IAFI BOARD CERTIFICATION leading to Diplomate Status.

A minimum grade of 80% is required to pass the PGKE or the 80 hour training program, if a grade lower than 80% is obtained, a requirement of 40 hours of training (80 IAFI Training Points), in the attempted area of certification and a grade of 80% for the training program exam will be required to achieve Professional Status and to attempt IAFI BOARD CERTIFICATION leading to Diplomate Status.

PROBATIONARY LEVEL: Members with less than two years of experience.

IV.- STUDENT MEMBERS: Members enrolled in a Bachelors or Postgraduate program in Forensic Science or a related field or, that have finished their Bachelors or Postgraduate Degree but haven´t received their Official Certificate or Diploma. They may preserve their status as students for up to 2 years. Within 3 months of receiving their certificate or Diploma they must take their PGKE Written proof of student status must be provided to IAFI on a yearly basis to maintain Student Member Status.   

ARTICLE 5.- IAFI BOARD CERTIFICATION: The IAFI Board Certification allows a Professional Member to achieve Diplomate Status within our organization, a minimum grade of 80% is required to obtain a DIAFI Level.

IAFI Board Certification examinations will be available to professional members who have passed the PGKE and may be conducted at Academic Institutions affiliated to IAFI or by other means that guarantee the integrity of the evaluation.

IAFI Certification is available in the areas of Crime Scene Investigation, Criminal Investigation and Criminal Profiling a separate Board Examination is available for each category.

CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION BOARD CERTIFICATION.- A professional member must meet the following requirements to achieve Diplomate Status in Crime Scene Investigation:

1.- Have a minimum of 40 hours of training (80 IAFI training points) on Crime Scene Investigation provided by IAFI certified instructors.

2.- Pay the Board Certification Exam Fee.

3.- Achieve an 80% grade on the IAFI-CSI BOARD CERTIFICATION EXAM.

CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION BOARD CERTIFICATION.-  A professional member must meet the following requirements to achieve Diplomate Status in Criminal Investigation:

1.- Have a minimum of 40 hours of training (80 IAFI training points) on Criminal Investigation provided by IAFI certified instructors.

2.- Pay the Board Certification Exam Fee.

3.- Achieve an 80% grade on the IAFI-CI BOARD CERTIFICATION EXAM.

CRIMINAL PROFILING BOARD CERTIFICATION.-  A professional member must meet the following requirements to achieve Diplomate Status in Criminal Profiling:

1.- Have a minimum of 40 hours of training (80 IAFI training points) on Criminal Profiling provided by IAFI certified instructors.

2.- Pay the Board Certification Exam Fee.

3.- Achieve an 80% grade on the IAFI-CP BOARD CERTIFICATION EXAM.

ARTICLE 6.- ACCEPTANCE: The application for membership must be accompanied by documents that prove that the requirements for membership are met, the applicant will be evaluated by the section they want to join and the section will send the proposal to the Board who will accept or deny the application.   ALL MEMBERS ENTER THE ACADEMY ON A PROBATIONARY STATUS FOR TWO YEARS.

There will be no cost for the Board Exam, members wishing to take their evaluation are only required to be current on their membership dues and to sign an application stating that they have no criminal records or outstanding criminal proceedings, at the moment of their evaluation, failure to disclose criminal records or outstanding investigations will cause immediate expulsion from IAFI. 

Members will receive a certificate as members of IAFI which will contain their category and section or division they belong to. 

ARTICLE 7.- ANNUAL MEETING AND TRAINING EVENTS: The IAFI will hold an annual meeting, the host city for the annual meeting will be selected by the Founding Members. These meeting must be attended by Board Members, the Ethics Committee, the Board for Professional Certification, Vice Presidents, Representatives and Section or Division Directors. Failure to attend two consecutive meetings will be cause for vacating the member´s position within IAFI. Founding Members, Vice Presidents and Foreign Members are exempt from the consecutive attendance requirement, they may attend through electronic means. 

The IAFI will hold training events such as training courses, seminars, Academies and Conferences. 

ARTICLE 8.-  POSITIONS WITHIN IAFI: Board Members, Ethics Committee Members, Board of Professional Certification Members, Vice Presidents, Representatives and Division Directors will be appointed and / or removed solely by IAFI´s Founding Members.

All positions within the IAFI are HONORARY, members holding positions in the Board of Directors, Ethics Committee, Board of Professional Certification Vice Presidencies, Representations and others, will not be compensated with a salary, they will have no benefits regarding Health, Labor, Legal or any other issues.


Positions mentioned in the two paragraphs above will be held for two years, members holding such positions may be ratified or substituted by another member by the IAFI´s founding members. 

IAFI´s members that hold positions within IAFI´s Boards must abide by the Code of Ethics and Conduct. Failure to do so will result in separating said members from their position.   

ARTICLE 9. – DUES: Membership Dues will be paid on a yearly basis, people applying for membership must present proof of payment for their membership fee.  

If membership dues are not paid membership status will be suspended until dues are paid, member´s name will be removed from IAFI´s website.    

MEMBERSHIP PROCESSING FEE.-                                  $20.00 USD 

STUDENT MEMBER FEE.-                                               $20.00 USD 

PROFESSIONAL MEMBER FEE.-                                      $40.00 USD 

DIPLOMATE BOARD CERTIFICATION FEE.-                       $85.00 USD 

ARTICLE 10.- LEAVE OF ABSENCE: Members current with their dues and obligations to IAFI may request a justified leave of absence, dues will not be collected from said member, reinstatement for members will require paying the appropriate membership fees.     

ARTICLE 11.- BOARD AND PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION DECISIONS: Each Board member will have a vote in the decisions each body submits for consideration. The President´s, Vice Presidents, Founding Member´s vote will account for 50% of the vote, Other members votes will account for 12.5% of the votes, 75/ of the votes are required to pass a motion. The Vice President will abstain from voting unless he / she is representing the President or if a tie occurs the tie braking vote will belong to the Vice President.    


When the board´s decisions are against IAFI´s objectives, rules or Code of Ethics, putting it at risk or affecting the image, professionalism, and / or reputation of IAFI or it´s members, Founding Members may and shall revoke the decision.



Rev. 01/19/2017

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